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Worcester's Wild Blueberry Products

A small batch makes a tasty product

As with all of Worcester’s Wild Blueberries products we make our pie filling in small batches to control the taste and consistency of the end product. This recipe makes 1 ½ quart jars per batch. Then, the pan is washed and we start the process all over again. Once the jars have been filled, capped and cooled we protect the product with a tamper proof shrink seal, label each jar and record the case number for future tracking.


I don’t think many younger people make pies or as many pies as the older generations.


But, I do know that they like to eat blueberry pie. A quart jar of Blueberry Pie Filling on your shelf will give you the opportunity to make a pie whenever you have a craving for that blueberry taste. One of my customers has a daughter in the Midwest. We periodically ship 6 jars of the pie filling so that she and her family can enjoy making and eating some Maine wild blueberries whenever the mood strikes them.


We make Blueberry Pie Filling in the quart mason jar size as you can see in the picture above. The directions for cooking the pie are on the label of the jar.